Gain benefits FAST with our Sales Accelerator Package 

The “out of the box” functionality is geared towards a Business to Business (B2B) sale with a long sales cycle. Each organisation using the Sales process will need to consider how well this fits their process and customise the system to best meet their requirements. 
With experience of implementing many different CRM solutions for a range of sectors, and in particular Microsoft Dynamics CE, we have developed a Business to Business Sales Accelerator Solution which incorporates many customisations requested by clients along with best practices. 
This provides a solid foundation, and if additional changes are needed these can be quickly developed using our agile development approach. 

Gather and Record Information  

The opportunity function allows users to gather and record information about the sale to support its progress through the sales cycle. Information gathered will take a variety forms such as key dates, critical issues, internal and external contacts that have a role in the sale etc. 
The progress of the sale is charted through various stages with forecasts and factored forecasts of anticipated revenue plotted against monthly or quarterly sales goals. 
The opportunity manager has functionality to generate quotes based on either standard or write in products. For successful opportunities these quotes can be used to produce orders and invoices. 

 Clear Perspective  

Working with Dynamics for Sales your sales team will reduce the overhead of repetitive tasks and spend more time selling. Management will be provide with a clear perspective on the sales pipeline. 
CRM365 Solutions have deployed Dynamics 365 in a wide variety of environments and can offer advice and guidance based on years of experience and best practice. 
The Dynamics 365 Product Catalogue provides the details of the products and pricing used for Quotes, Orders and Invoices. 

 Tracking Performance Against Sales  

Having all the information in one place following the same format, you can use the information to produce sales forecasts, as well as tracking performance against sales goals for both individuals and teams. 
Another consideration is if the use of Leads is suitable for your business or should they all be entered as Accounts and Contacts (with a type of prospect or suspect). 
These are key areas where a consultant from CRM365 Solutions can offer advice and guidance based on years of experience and best practice. 
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