Automatically Create Cases  

Rules can be set within the system to automatically create Cases based on triggers from inbound emails. These Cases can then be assigned to Queues to be worked on, or triaged and moved to the appropriate Queue. 
To manage the level of service to specific customer, Cases can be managed against 
Entitlements – which could be based on hours/days or number of Cases. The Entitlement can be further tracked by the method of reporting the Case – email, phone etc. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  

Can be tracked by Service Level Agreements. 
Automation within the SLAs can trigger escalation routines at set times to ensure that nothing gets missed, and senior staff are advised before an SLA is breached. 

The Knowledge Base  

The Knowledge Base articles can be a mix different document types such as quick help guides for customer service agents, detailed instructions or self-help guides that can be emailed directly to the customer. The Knowledge Base can also be used for internal only documents covering policies or procedures that staff need access to. 
Knowledge Articles are associated with a process which ensures they are approved before being published and can have an expiry or review date associated with each article to ensure they do not get out of date. 
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