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The default Opportunity Close form allows you to enter the Actual Revenue, Close Date, a related Competitor and a Description. 
If there is additional information that would be beneficial to your business this form can be customised in the same way as any other forms. 
For an example of how to do this in the new UI – download our pdf. 
Create a Multi-line text field – recommended size 15000 characters to cater for pen input. Then format this to display, say 6 lines. 
Add a Control – this is a standard control for “Pen Input” 
On a tablet you can then sign in the box using the pen/stylus. Click the tick in the field to save the signature, or Clear to write it again. 
Advanced Find is a very powerful reporting tool within Dynamics 365.  
Related entities allow you to access information from other record types (entities) to further refine the record selection. Typical examples are Contacts related to Accounts, or Cases related to Contacts. Most often (but not always) these are on a many-to-one relationship. 
Download our pdf for some examples you can try out. 
This can be particularly useful if you want to track and monitor communications such as: 
• Are your sales opportunities being followed up? 
• Which open activities relate to open Cases? 
Download our pdf to see in details two examples using Opportunities and Cases. 
This QRG shows you how to add a Kanban View of Opportunities to your Dynamics 365 Sales environment. Kanban takes its name from the Japanese for “visual signal or card” and was originally developed for the automotive industry using just in time scheduling. 
For details on how to set this up click here
One way to make Announcements stand out in Microsoft Teams is to create a dedicated Channel and use this to determine who can post in it – and whether or not you allow other members to reply to messages. 
To see how please download our pdf document
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin Centre has been around since the early days of Dynamics CRM – but as from October 2020 it has been renamed Power Platform Admin Centre. 
Read the full article here
When a new record is created you now have the ability to merge the new record with an existing duplicate when detected. 
For full details read this article
Often records, particularly Accounts, Users or Opportunities are configured with a “parent” record relationship. 
Advanced Find allows you report on this hierarch using the operators “Under” and “Not Under”. 
Download our pdf to see detailed examples. 
Did you know that with D365 Sales Enterprise you can set up Quick Create Forms with a Scan Business Card Option?  
Fields are auto-populated and an image of the card can be stored on the record as well. 
If you are using Dynamics 365 to record activities (appointments, tasks and phone calls) and want a calendar view rather than just the timeline ...  
This article will explain how to set this up. 
Dynamics CE 2020 Wave 1 improved the usability of QC Forms by respecting business rules in the same way as on the Main form. 
Read more ... 
Pinning Channels works in the same way on a desktop or mobile device and shows pinned Channels at the top of the display. 
However, when working on a mobile device you want to minimise the scrolling or clicking to get where you want to be. 
Did you know you can show your pinned Channels on the Chat pane for faster access? 
Have you seen the Immersive Reader function within Microsoft Teams? 
This can be especially beneficial to users with visual impairments. 
This information is provided as guide to help you understand what is possible. If you are in any doubt about making changes to your system, contact your system adminstrator, implementation team or us here at CRM365 Solutions for guidance. 
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