Microsoft Teams has become more and more a part of everyday life for many businesses. From one to one meetings, delivering training through to organisation wide presentation reaching hundreds of staff. 
It’s not surprising then that more new features have been announced – due for rollout in August. As someone who uses Teams on a daily basis, I am always looking to see what is coming. At CRM365 Solutions using Teams is key to our delivery of presentations and training sessions. 
The key message from Microsoft is to … 
Feel more connected 
• Reduce meeting fatigue 
• Make meetings more inclusive 
• Streamline your work 
Together Mode: Will enable a shared background to help participants feel more like they are in the same room. Also means less distraction from a variety of backgrounds enabling better concentration on face and body language. Auditorium view will make it easier to understand who is speaking. 
Dynamic View: After increasing the video gallery to 9, the next step will be to increase this to 49. In addition there will be options to have more control over how content is seen and position shared content and participants side by side. 
Virtual Breakout Rooms: will be great for interactive sessions and training allowing the organizer to split participants into smaller groups for brainstorming sessions or workshops. 
Video Filters: Check your video before joining a meeting and adjust the lighting levels or soften the focus if necessary. Too often people join with lighting or sun behind them causing a shadow or silhouette image. 
Reflect Messaging Extension: A new way to gain interaction during meetings by posting questions and polls and allowing anonymous answers. 
Live Reactions: “Raise Hands” was introduced recently, now you will be able to use a range of emojis during a meeting, visible to all participants. 
Chat Bubbles: Meetings will be more inclusive by making Chat central to the meeting showing on the screen of all participants. 
Live Transcript: – Speaker Attribution: The live transcript will also add a caption to show who is speaking. 
There is also an increase to 1,000 participants in a meeting, updates to Whiteboard and the continued rollout of the Tasks app (unifying Microsoft ToDo, Planner and Outlook) and a few other smaller changes. 
So, we are looking forward to seeing and testing out the new features, and will share more details as soon at this is rolled out. 
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