October is the time for the Wave 2 release from Microsoft for Power Platform and Dynamics 365. The roll out has begun for those who sign up for early review and for most customer the roll out will begin in October 2021. 
So, what are the key features of the 2021 Release Wave 1. 
This is a quick summary of the key changes we have identified initially – or that are expected to be available soon. This focuses on changes that are deployed to end users by default rather than development/customization changes that can be used in the future, or areas that would need to be switched on by administrators – although some of these are mentioned below. 
Site Map Improvements 
New functionality will enable administrators to configure the Site Map to allow Groups to be expanded and collapsed, in the same way as Pinned and Recent records. 
This will be of benefit to those where the site map involves a lot of scrolling. 
New View search options 
Easier selection using o on left column 
Easier advanced lookup options 
A user can add columns and change the order (but not save the changes) 
Easier Notification Saved / Unsaved Forms 
Next to the Record name is an indicator to show if the record is Saved | Unsaved | Saving 
Advanced Lookup 
Lookup fields will have an Advanced Lookup option where they can more easily search for a record, and limit the search to just “My own records”.. 
Relevance Search becomes DataVerse Search 
This is a name change from Relevance Search to Dataverse Search, and once it released all users will have this by default. 
There is a new option on the Command Bar “Open Dashboards” – which opens a default dashboard relating to the currently open record type. 
This displays an Interactive Dashboard, with the Visual and Global Filters. This style that has been around for a few years in the Customer Service app but it is now enabled by default with some out of the box dashboards being made available from the Command bar. 
Side panes 
This looks very useful but would be a development/configuration requirement and not something that will be immediately available or visible to end users. 
Other points noted 
Changes to styling of scroll bars – minor change 
Removal of Dynamics 365 – custom app – not relevant to end users (developers only) 
End of support for IE 17/8/2021 
Changes to meet WCAG 2.1 standards in some areas 
Ability to support 400% zoom 
Changes to Bulk Edit 
Future changes planned to the Merge feature. 
To read the full Release Notes you can download them from here. 
If you would like to know more about Power Platform, Dynamics 365 or the potential impact of 2021 Wave 2 on your implementation, please Get In Touch and speak to one of our consultants. 
CRM365 Solutions will release more detailed information on specific functionality in the near future. 
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