Microsoft have recently announced the plans for features due to be released from October 2020 through to March 2021. If you download their pdf document it is 434 pages long! 
We have highlighted here some of the key points relating Dynamics 365 for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service – selecting the features we believe our customers (and future customers) are most likely to benefit from. 
All features are subject to change by Microsoft and will be released at different times over the release period, and timescales may change. Unless otherwise stated all features are available in the United Interface only. 
Some of features may only be available on the Enterprise versions of the products and not the Professional versions, for example forecasting functionality in the sales environment will only be available in the Enterprise version. 
New Dynamics 365 Sales mobile experience: 
Easily complete tasks on the go. 
Improved searching with search suggestions and search as you type. 
Mobile optimised forms with scrollable tabs. 
Enhanced navigation for iOS and Android. 
Forecasting and gamification: 
Fully Customisable forecasting (UI only) including supporting custom entities, multi-currency, advanced administration capabilities and forecasting by product. 
Ability to hide managers from their own forecasts. 
Load the latest forecasts and latest underlying records view. 
Forecasts will be written back to the Common Data Service allowing the creation of dashboards and reports directly within the Sales app. 
Gamification admin will now be available in the United Interface. 
Usability enhancements: 
Updated experience for adding Products to Quotes. 
Simplified Duplicate Detection and Merge capabilities – this should be a great improvement allowing users to merge records from the Duplicate warning without having to navigate away. 
Improved cross-entity duplicate detection from Lead to Account/Contact when qualifying a Lead – again, another great time saving check that should prevent duplicate records being created. 
Enhanced pdf generation capabilities for producing quotes and other standard sales documents. 
Enhanced email experience which will allow you to view, update and reply to emails from the Timeline. 
Sales Insights 
New entity for storing lead scoring including new Views. Along with this a number of fields will be deprecated from the Leads entity (including Lead Score, Lead Grade, Score Reasons, Score History and Lead Score Trend). The equivalent fields will also be deprecated on the Opportunity entity. 
Redesigned and improved visualisations for scoring. 
Further streamlining of the Auto Capture Premium version. 
Intelligent and organise work list. This feature will allow real-time managing—in one organized place—all the relevant sales items regarding potential customers: leads, opportunities, emails, and tasks. 
Use natural language to create targeted segments. For example, using natural language, you can create a segment of “customers who live in the US but not Florida, and work in retail.” 
Simplified content editing and creation: Navigate to a journey, create the relevant flow, select a tile, and create or edit the content directly from the customer journey. 
Full editing and creation capabilities: All the capabilities of the email, page, form, and segment designers are preserved when accessed from the customer journey. 
Edit and create marketing forms within events: You can now create or edit event-related marketing forms from the event itself. 
Connect to and use Customer Insights within Marketing customer journeys. 
Improvements to email support in Outlook. 
Improved social posting and scheduling. 
Complete redesign of the canvas for building a customer journey. 
Run webinars and meetings using direct integration with Microsoft Teams (Meetings or Live events). 
Customer Service 
Embedded analytics for customer service managers. 
Knowledge search insights highlighting what agents are searching for the most with a variety of views and metrics. 
Agent suggestions for knowledge to help agents find the most applicable knowledge article quickly. 
AI-driven similar case suggestions. 
Improvements to Timeline functionality, records can expand by default, +New in timeline and ability to hide “What you’ve missed”. 
Multi-session app to allow agents to manage multiple cases simultaneously, management of email and other activities without losing context of the parent case and a productivity pane for AI driven suggestions. 
Enhanced knowledge articles editing and viewing experience. 
Improvements to emails, templates and inserting KAs into an email. 
New Forms and Dashboards. 
Tool to migrate rules for automatically creating records, service-level agreements from classic app to Customer Service Hub app. 
To find out more, contact us and arrange for a call or demonstration. 
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